SaaS GTM Refinement & PMF Expansion

Is it for you?

  • You're a CEO, founder, or someone high in the hierarchy in the marketing, growth, or product department.

  • You've reached product-market fit but you are struggling to keep the pace. Your growth is slowing down.

  • You need a fresh perspective to restart your growth engine.

  • Your company does over 100k ARR.

What is the process?

Product-market fit is an always-moving target. You think you have reached it but then you stagnate and don't understand why. Finding answers requires the right approach.

That's why I use Jobs-to-be-done customer research. I need to understand why customers buy a product.

It's the only way to create sustainable growth.

That's why I always start with customer research and competitive analysis before making any decision on how the path forward should be.

I also don't work in a bubble until all is done and final. I workshop with you once research is done to get to the best solution that fits best your customers and your team.

What do you get?

  • A report with the best ways to expand PMF.

  • Updated Go-To-Market strategy incorporating the new potential customers found during research.

  • The updated strategy includes Ideal Customer Profiles & Buyer Personas, Strategic Narrative (Positioning & Messaging), Pricing & Activation Analysis, Website & Onboarding Teardown, Growth Strategy.

  • I can also optionally work on content marketing strategy, copywriting, and customer success stories.

How this will help?

Customer Research & Competitive Analysis. It is the foundation of any solid product-market fit expansion. It's essential to understand which customers want to buy your product and how to position your business in new markets.

Positioning & Messaging. You need crystal clear communication and the right positioning to attract current and new customers. It's the groundwork to create the best website copy, ads, emails, and marketing strategy.

Product-Market Fit Alignment. With more market insights, you will probably have to adjust the alignment between the product and your customers. I'll assist you on this point too.

Pricing & Activation. As you add new markets, you might need to adjust pricing. There are plenty of factors to consider and having someone with you on this can be pivotal.

Growth Strategy. I'll answer all your questions to get back to a fast-paced growth and how you can find a sustainable pace.

Onboarding Optimization. The teardown will get you all the actionable insights you need to improve your onboarding and fix all the conversion leaks you currently have.

Why me?

  • I have spent a lot of time in my career working on software engineering, design, product management, and marketing.

  • I have co-founded two SaaS companies. I have been in your shoes.

  • You won't find someone who knows all aspects of SaaS businesses as well as me.