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Weekly product growth playbooks. Receive the processes I use with my clients to deflate churn rate, prune acquisition costs, and optimize conversion.

About me. I'm Nicolas and I am a product growth consultant, 2-time SaaS founder, with 15 years of experience managing products and businesses.

Case Study
Growth Strategy Report: What Can We Learn From Userlist And Its Customers?
I analyzed customer reviews and interviews to learn why they buy Userlist, how it can help your own growth strategy, and what landing page optimizations would help conversion.
B2B SaaS Playbook: Acquire Your First Customer
Everything you need to get your first paying and satisfied customer. How to incrementally build your MVP, where to find beta testers, and how to get feedback.
The Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) Playbook For B2B SaaS
All the steps to create a minimal yet vibrant brand to successfully launch your product and make your communication, marketing, and sales the most efficient.
How To Write An About Page [SaaS Playbook]
Convince customers they should buy from you with this about page playbook: what information to include, how to make it captivating, and why choosing the right writing style is important.
Case Study
The Best Way To Personalize SaaS Onboarding [w/ Notion And Airtable Case Studies]
Overview of the onboarding of Notion and Airtable to find their strenghs and weaknesses and how to craft the best SaaS onboarding experience.
Case Study
COVID-19, Remote Work, And B2B SaaS Strategic Messaging Changes
I compare the homepages of a dozen B2B SaaS companies between January and today to see how COVID-19 affected their strategic messaging.
Case Study
Customer Survey Best Practices [w/ BunPro Case Study]
Let me walk you through a survey I received recently to give you actionable advice to get more and better responses next time you create a survey.
Case Study
How Vercel Changed Its Positioning And Raised $21M
Learn the strategies Vercel used to rapidly grew to 300k users and raised $21M despite narrowing down its market.
Case Study
Why You Need A Better Ideal Customer Profile [w/ RightMessage Case Study]
Even with a great product and a big market with lots of potential customers you will be struggling without the right ideal customer profile.