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Hey! I'm Nicolas and a SaaS founder, with 15 years of experience managing products and businesses.

I'll deflate your churn rate, prune acquisition costs, and enhance conversion with in-depth customer research, empathic storytelling, and product-led growth.

Nicolas Mérouze
The #1 issue keeping your product from growing at the right pace is a lack of customer understanding.
It leads to:
Confusing product onboarding.
Unhelpful emails and in-app messages.
Case studies not related to what customers want to know.
Lack of conversion due to messaging problems on landing pages.
Retention issues because the promise is different from the product.
And many more...
But it is avoidable! Taking a customer-led approach to growing your product will make you thrive.
The benefits are overwhelming:

Improve your strategy: research will allow you to craft the perfect positioning that will make your product crush the competition.

Optimize conversion: clear communication to customers using their own words and emotions goes a long way in increasing conversion. Whether it's pre-signup or during onboarding.

Reduce churn and increase LTV: the real reasons your customers leave will become clear with the right feedback techniques.

Find unmet needs: when you perfectly understand your customers, you know what they want and what to build next.

What I Can Do For You: Consulting, Done-For-You Services, And Workshops

I specialize in customer-led product growth and I created processes based on customer research that allows me to make sure you convert and retain customers effortlessly.

I provide on-demand consulting, done-for-you product growth, and positioning workshops.

Done-For-You Customer Interviews & Surveys
Landing Pages & Customer Stories
Onboarding Walkthroughs & Personalization
Email & In-App Message Sequences
Buddy Punch
Optimized their customer messaging with new onboarding sequence, win-back campaign, and transactional messages.
Redefining their positioning and strategic messaging to make them stand out against the fierce competition.
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