Nicolas Mérouze

SaaS CRO agency
Nicolas Mérouze

Hey, I’m Nicolas Mérouze 👋

I’m the owner of a SaaS CRO agency, a former SaaS founder, with a background in software engineering, design, and product management.

What I’m doing now

Updated February 3rd, 2023.

Scale my SaaS CRO agency

I started this agency in 2019 and grew it slowly until now. I want to grow it way faster in 2023. That means more specialized services, new info-products, and possibly other revenue sources.

Focus on health

My health was always pretty fragile. It got worse after a burnout and I never really recovered. It finally got better last year but it's still not back fully so I'm still carefully experimenting to see how to get back to my best.

New blog

My bad health put things in perspective. I read and thought a lot about self-improvement, personal development, etc. As an empath, I want to help more people with the wisdom I have acquired.

What I did before

Sinuous background

I'm very creative. I started coding when I was a teenager to create websites, games, and apps. But when it became a job, it meant more fixing bugs than creating things. I faced the same issue with design and product management. I found my way with copywriting.

Work so far

I started making money online 22 years ago. I co-founded a web agency during university and eventually led to my first SaaS which grew past $1M ARR. But I burned out. Started freelancing as a dev, designer, and product manager. But it wasn't fulfilling and that's when I started my SaaS CRO agency.