Unlock Rapid Growth For Your SaaS With Jobs-To-Be-Done Product & Marketing Strategy

I know first hand how hard it is to grow a SaaS. It is unpredictable and the pressure can be overwhelming! That's why you need a sustainable way to grow your business. The solution? Customer-Led Growth!

I determine the best Go-To-Market strategy for your SaaS based on Jobs-To-Be-Done research and will also assist you on the execution.

Nicolas Mérouze

SaaS businesses I've worked with

The #1 issue keeping your product from growing at the right pace is a lack of customer understanding.
It leads to:
Unhelpful product onboarding, emails, and in-app messages.
Uninteresting content potential customers won't read.
Lack of conversion due to dull positioning and confusing messaging.
Weak retention caused by promises the product can't keep.
And many more...
But it's not a fatality! Take a customer-led approach and your product growth will thrive.
The benefits are overwhelming:

Improve your strategy: research will allow you to craft the perfect positioning that will make your product crush the competition.

Optimize conversion: clear communication to customers using their own words and emotions goes a long way in increasing conversion. Whether it's pre-signup or during onboarding.

Reduce churn and increase LTV: the real reasons your customers leave will become clear with the right feedback techniques.

Find unmet needs: when you perfectly understand your customers, you know what they want and what to build next.

Who am I?

Hey! I'm Nicolas and I'm a former software engineer, designer, product manager, and marketer with 15 years of experience growing products and businesses.

I know it's a long list!

I'm never satisfied doing one job but that's why I'll be able to understand all the aspects of your company.

How I will help your SaaS reach new heights

I bring all my expertise in customer research to deliver a crystal clear understanding of your customers through coaching, easy-to-read reports, and copywriting.

The market research we received gave us confidence in positioning Refiner as a customer survey tool for SaaS companies. The cross-topic component (research & copywriting) was a huge timesaver.
Moritz Dausinger, Refiner
I'm satisfied with the new website, it now reflects what the product is more accurately. Nicolas was able to lend a fresh perspective on TeamMood and delivered recommendations proactively. He not only provides advice but can also execute upon it.
Nicolas Deverge, TeamMood

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The best practices to measure customer satisfaction from surveys such as CSAT, NPS, CES, and more.
B2B SaaS Onboarding
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