I solve conversion and churn issues for B2B SaaS and software businesses.

I provide CEOs the right strategies to stop bleeding customers with a unique blend of growth marketing, product management, and customer success.

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How much do you know your customers?

If you have trouble with your conversion and churn rates, you could probably spend more time understanding your customers.

Guessing customer needs is a time and money sinkhole: months of effort developing your product, sales, and marketing without the expected results at the end.

Marketers who conduct regular audience research perform 466% better than those who do research "rarely"... yet 65% of marketers don't do it.

Quantitative and qualitative research is the best way to solve your conversion and churn issues!

Fix your customer journey before scaling your business

You don't fix a broken pipe by increasing the flow. Before you think of scaling your business, you need to get your customer experience in order.

Better customer experience leads to revenue growth. Customers that have the best experience spent 140% than those who had the poorest experience and have a 74% chance of remaining a member for at least another year.

Traditional marketing agencies won't solve your problems. They focus on top of the funnel techniques but don't fix issues down the road. You need an expert in growth marketing to intervene in the whole customer lifecycle.

You have more competition than ever, you need to adapt your strategy

Having a good product isn't enough anymore. Brand awareness and customer success are the most important factors in your business growth.

But they are also much harder to get right.

Content marketing is a fierce competition now that writing content has become a commodity. Hiring freelance writers has never been so easy.

And customer success isn't something you can improvise. It is a structural change that needs to happen across all departments.

My B2B Growth Guides

Services & Consulting

Coaching – 400EUR/m

  • Unlimited design & copywriting reviews of emails, landing pages, blog posts, ads, etc.
  • Ask me questions on a private chat.
  • Monthly strategy calls.

Customer Journey Analysis – 1000EUR

  • I'll review your ads, landing pages, emails, case studies, blog posts, onboarding, and more.
  • Build buyer personas or refine the ones you already have.
  • Map the customer journey to clearly define where the weak points are and how to fix them.
  • Craft a roadmap to guide you into the most important work we need to do first.

Growth Marketing Strategy – 5000EUR/q

  • Everything from the coaching service.
  • Regular customer interviews using the Jobs-To-Be-Done approach to gather the right insights.
  • Setup and manage surveys.
  • Write recommendation reports based on the interviews and surveys.
  • Distribute published content through the right channels.
  • Optimize opt-ins and forms.
  • Remixing and repurposing content.
  • Research keywords and topics to plan marketing campaigns.
  • Find the right freelance writers to execute those marketing campaigns.
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