I solve conversion and churn issues for B2B SaaS and software businesses.

I provide CEOs the right strategies to stop bleeding customers with a unique blend of growth marketing, product management, and customer success.

Nicolas Mérouze

Customer-led Growth Consulting & Coaching

Markets are saturated, and competitors are legion. The only way to grow is to stand out. But a good product isn't enough anymore, and your brand, story, values, and customer care are critical components to get new customers and keep them longer. I provide services to get results quickly and sustainably.

Done-For-You Customer Interviews & Surveys
Landing Pages & Customer Stories
Growth & Strategic Messaging Workshops
Onboarding & Win-Back Sequences
Buddy Punch
Optimizing their customer messaging with new onboarding sequence, win-back campaign, and transactional messages.
Redefining their positioning and strategic messaging to make them stand out against the fierce competition.
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My Customer-led Growth Guides

Drive conversion and retention rates up through simple yet effective techniques following up on interviews, surveys, roadmaps, changelogs, and more.

Conversion and retention best practices using customer success for customer onboarding, feedback, KPI monitoring, and more.

The right questions to ask at the right time for the following surveys: qualification, satisfaction (CSAT), NPS, CES, onboarding, and product/market fit.

This guide will enable you to make the perfect onboarding journey. Not just with UX tips, but also copywriting, email, and customer services actionable advice.