Helping software companies solve customer pains & create sustainable growth.

I'm Nicolas Merouze

Author of Customer Success 101 for SaaS and maker of Product Record. I help software businesses optimize their operations to improve growth.
I uncover insights you or your team don't have time to gather yourselves, and I establish a roadmap crafted specifically with the needs of your business in mind.

My approach

Customer Success driven growth. Nowadays, you cannot rely only on paid acquisition. All the markets get so over-crowded the value lies into your brand and relationship with customers more than your product. That's why I use customer research in everything I do.

Thrive on collaboration. I have been working remotely for more than 10 years, and I write everything down. I think success comes from good communication with the people we work with.

Educate. I won't always be by your side, that's why my work is closer to coaching and training than classic consulting. My goal is to teach everyone I work with the things I know so they can become autonomous.

Accelerating your growth by refining operations

  • Engineering: Review your architecture, improve performance, and reduce complexity
  • Support: Improve the satisfaction rate and increase amount of feedback gathered by the support team
  • Sales and marketing: Set-up the right incentive and strategy to avoid bad-fit customers
  • User research: Avoid bias and make research a collaborative effort
  • Onboarding: Increase the onboarded rate and the speed of the onboarding process
  • Design: Build or polish your design system, improve its comprehension for better collaboration between designers and developers
  • Product management: Review agile and prioritization methodologies to find room for improvement
  • KPIs and analytics: Evaluate your current analytics and refine them

A lot of what I do is covered in my email course, Customer Success 101 for SaaS companies.

"Nicolas' expertise has been so valuable. He was the bridge between our different teams and made our user research process a lot better."
– Olivier Esmieu-Fournel, CTO, Eco-Systèmes

Let's get work together

I am currently available to work with you. My hourly rate is 80EUR.