UX Best Practices with React.js

UX Best Practices with React.js book

React.js has grown enormously over the last couple of years. You will find a lot of resources on Webpack, ES2015, D3, etc. All these resources are about code and architecture but they all are missing one of the most important points of frontend frameworks such as React.js: user experience.

As a frontend developer, you need to make applications that are responsive, accessible, internationalized, and user-friendly. In addition to that, you will need at a certain point to add metrics to know how the app is performing and improve it further. You won’t find many resources on these subjects, even less in books.

“UX Best Practices with React.js” is a book that will give you practical examples of UX techniques implemented in React.js. With this book, you will be able to make components with great UX and improve the application your are working on.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • Setup

Part 2: Sign Up Form

  • Form basics
  • Floating labels
  • Password visibility toggle
  • Email checking
  • Password strength indicator
  • A/B Testing for more conversion
  • More analytics for your form
  • Server validations and errors

Part 3: Data Grid

  • Data grid basics
  • Responsive grid
  • Optimistic updates
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Performance Tuning

Part 4: Modal Dialogs

  • Modal basics
  • Accessibility
  • Internationalization

Coming Soon

I am currently working on the book and it will be in beta in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can get the first 4 chapters for free.