My Dev Stack in 2018
I'm Nicolas Merouze. Author of Customer Success 101 for SaaS and maker of Product Record. I help software businesses optimize their operations to improve growth.

2018 has been a chaotic year for me. I changed tools a lot. Here is what I currently use.

I have been doing SPAs for quite a few years now but I recently decided to stop. I am back doing server-rendered views except for complex parts of my apps. It became too painful for me to do all the frontend with JavaScript, even with TypeScript or Reason.

I feel more productive and more confident in my code now. But I also feel like the UX I am making is worse. I think it will improve over time though.

One other issue is code duplication. The server-rendered views and the components share some code but there is also some duplication. I have no perfect solution right now. And it will grow to be a bigger problem in the future.