Product Growth Services For SaaS Companies

Hey! I'm Nicolas and a 2-time SaaS founder, with 15 years of experience managing products and businesses.

I'll deflate your churn rate, prune acquisition costs, and enhance conversion with in-depth customer research, empathic storytelling, and product-led growth.

Go to my homepage to know more about my approach.

I provide on-demand consulting at 250€/month, done-for-you product growth at 1500€/month, and positioning workshops at 1000€. And for your first consulting session, I offer a free strategy call.

Virtual Product Growth Consulting at 250€/month

You can throw all your problems and questions my way and I'll use my expertise to give you the right levers to grow your product. This service includes:

  • 2 strategy calls

  • Private chat for questions and requests

  • Unlimited UX & copywriting reviews (24h turnaround)

Done-For-You Product Growth at 1500€/month

Each month, we will do a strategy call to see what the priorities are and define a list of things that need to be done. Here's everything I usually work on with my clients.

  • Customer research: customer interviews, survey management, analytics monitoring, competitive analysis.

  • Onboarding: targeted in-app messages, email sequences, interactive walkthroughs, checklists, UX.

  • Website copywriting: landing pages, customer stories.

  • Retention: offboarding, win-back campaigns, educational resources (documentation, guides), product announcements.

Positioning Workshop at 1000€

From all my experience, growth efforts are usually hindered by a suboptimal positioning where the promise done by sales and marketing doesn't match the product.

I've developed this workshop to get everyone inside the company aligned on a positioning that will crush the competition and create consistent communication.

  • I start by doing 5 customer interviews and a survey.

  • I analyze all the results.

  • We spend a day together to ideate on the strategic narrative.

  • And I finish with a report where I consolidate the positioning and the messaging.