Customer-led Growth Framework Development – 2430$

Your growth efforts don't pay off? You've run out of ideas?

There is a way to restart your growth engine and make this growth sustainable in the long term.

I've created a framework to find new experiments to run that will improve your conversion and retention.

In order to build this framework, I need to review your whole customer experience, and here's how I do it:

  • General Customer Survey & Persona: The feedback from talking and listening to your customers is invaluable. That's why I will start with a survey sent to your customers to understand what are their pains, their dreams, and their needs.

  • Competitive Analysis, Positioning & Strategic Messaging: I will review your positioning and your messaging as well as those of your competitors. It will provide a better grasp of how your story can stand out in your market as it's such a crucial part of any business's growth.

  • Customer Journey & Experiment Roadmap: With all of the elements above, I will be able to review the customer journey and find quick wins but also strategic opportunities for long term results.

All the insights obtained throughout this analysis will be processed into a database. It will constitute a framework you can use on your own after I'm done to find any insight you need for your future growth experiments.

Done-For-You Customer Interviews – 1620$ per round

You know talking to customers is vital, but you don't have time to conduct interviews, or you don't know how to extract the most value out of them?

Interviews are hard to conduct. Customers all have different personalities, and without adapting your questions to them, you will miss the best insights.

With my done-for-you service, I will do the interviews myself and give you all the feedback you need to find the next growth opportunities. Here's how I proceed:

  • Each round includes 2-3 interviews.

  • A summary of each interview will be put together.

  • I will write 1 customer story out of one of the interviews. Use it to attract leads, and you will be able to make the price of my service back in no time.

  • Finally, a report will be produced to give you strategic findings and growth opportunities you can use right away.

Custom Growth Coaching & Consulting

I also provide more services, depending on your needs. It ranges from 405$ per month for 1-on-1 weekly coaching to 8019$ per quarter for customer-led growth strategy and copywriting services.

Free Strategy Call

I always start with a free strategy call to determine if I am the right fit for your needs, what is the best way to begin, in addition to a few quick wins you can use right away. Contact me now, and we'll schedule a call!