I'm Nicolas Merouze. Author of Customer Success 101 for SaaS and maker of Product Record. I help software businesses optimize their operations to improve growth.
My experience with Phoenix, GraphQL, and SPAs
I used GraphQL and Apollo a lot in 2018 but in the end, I decided to rely more on Phoenix.
How I am learning Japanese
I started learning Japanese in October 2017. I have developed my own way to study it since then.
My Daily Post Experiment
I am going to try to write a little bit each week and publish as often as possible.
2018 in Review
It has been a tough year and I did not achieve my goals but made a lot of progress towards them.
My Dev Stack in 2018
2018 has been a chaotic year for me. I changed tools a lot. Here is what I currently use.


A/B testing 101 with React.js and Meteor
Learn to implement A/B testing to your React.js components in order to improve UX in a meaningful way.
Improve React.js apps with Motion Design
React.js is great but complex animations can be hard to write. Though with great functional animation, you can deliver stunning user experiences.
File Upload REST API with Go and Amazon S3
Practical tutorial to create a small REST API to upload files to Amazon S3 in Golang. Perfect for a microservice.
How to implement JSON-API standard in MongoDB and Go
Complete step-by-step tutorial to create a REST API using MongoDB and JSON-API in Golang.
Guide to 3rd Party Routers in Go
Go has a lot of router libraries, so I made a comparison between gorilla, httprouter and pat and how to integrate httprouter to a Golang web framework.
Middlewares in Go: Best practices and examples
It can be hard to write idiomatic web applications in Golang with many frameworks not following the rules. This article explains best practices for middlewares.
Share Values Between Middlewares
Tutorial about contexts when programming web applications in Go with middlewares. Includes a comparison of various context libraries.
Build You Own Web Framework In Go
In-depth series of tutorial and best practices to learn to build a web framework in Golang. Especially useful to make REST APIs.
Experimenting on new projects is not productive
Everyone wants to use new technologies, it's fun and exciting. But it can be counter-productive.