Nicolas Mérouze

My name is Nicolas Mérouze, and I work on experiences that satisfy as many customers as possible.


Instead of being irritated by the friction of life, I reflect on these issues and my own in order to become more empathetic and more tolerant.

That's what pushed me to focus my work on customer experience.


I currently work on Juicy, an investment marketplace.

Before I co-founded Tigerlily, a marketing platform for social media, that was acquired by Hootsuite.

I also have a guide about building your own web framework in Go that was read by tens of thousands of engineers.

What I like

Growth Marketing, Product Management, K-Pop, Food, Violet Evergarden, Romance, Microbiome, Dance, Minimalism


Taking back control of my health

I have been struggling with chronic fatigue for a long time now despite working hard to function normally again. I am getting better but it’s not consistent yet.

Go back to Japan

I lived in Japan between 2015 and 2017 but left the country as I didn't have time to learn the language in addition to everything else I was doing.

I have been learning Japanese since then. I read, learn, and review material every single day because I will fall off the wagon if I don't.

I plan to go back and live there again when I become fluent.