Grow Your Empathy, Grow Your Business

My name is Nicolas Mérouze, and I am a growth consultant & coach, 2-time SaaS founder, with 15 years of experience managing products and businesses.

I believe customer-led growth is the best strategy for B2B SaaS, and you can’t pass on it.

Many businesses have the same problems: conversion and retention issues that all stem from not perfectly understanding your customers. Nearly knowing them is not an option with the high competitiveness of B2B SaaS.

Story = Strategy

In this space, brands need to stand out, and it can't be done without the proper strategic narrative.

The company story is the company strategy. — Ben Horowitz, Partner and Co-founder, Andreessen Horowitz

I have been a fan of stories for a long time. I used to binge on TV shows and movies. But there are 2 things I find particularly frustrating: plot holes and irritating characters I don't relate to. And when I started to work on products and growth, I realized businesses were like movies.

If your story is terrible, no matter how good your design or product is only a minuscule portion of your potential customers will be curious enough to painfully untangle your confusing story.

You need a clear and consistent story to attract customers. And the best way I found to craft it is with a customer-led approach.

My Philosophy In Life

I am a problem solver. Maybe it's my background in engineering but if there is a problem, I don't get angry or look for a quick workaround. I try to find a sustainable solution.

I also love listening to others. It builds up empathy and an understanding of the world. People are unique and there's plenty of things to learn from them.

Finally, I think keeping a positive attitude is underrated. I truly believe spending a lot of time to laugh, love, and relax is the best medicine. But we live in a world where news is trying to scare you, a lot of negative thoughts and depressive feelings are up in the air, and stress is everywhere.

In this context, keeping a positive attitude takes a lot of work. And helping others is one of those things that works wonders!

Past Work

I started making a small profit from websites during the late 90s when I was a teenager and decided to found a web agency a few years later.

During the rise of Facebook and other social media platforms at the end of the 2000s, I saw an opportunity to make Tigerlily, a B2B SaaS to automate painful and expensive workflows on social media. We worked with more than 60 companies: L’Oréal Luxe, Spotify, Orange, Danone, Universal Music Group, BNP Paribas, etc.

I also have a background in computer science and I loved making educational resources. My most popular guide with more than 300,000 views was about building your own web framework in Go.

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