2018 in Review
I'm Nicolas Merouze. Author of Customer Success 101 for SaaS and maker of Product Record. I help software businesses optimize their operations to improve growth.


My chronic fatigue has been ruining my life for 7 years now. I started to get better this year. I identified all my food intolerances and removed all allergens from my house. I lost 15 pounds as a result.

I was able to exercise more because I finally found supplements to recover faster. I have been already working out twice a week and walking a lot for years. But my muscles were sore most of the time and I was never able to do more. Now I can exercise 4 times a week for longer periods at the same intensity without any soreness.

I am close to be able to work full-time consistently again, which is such a relief. I am so happy by the progress, I hope it continues in 2019. I still have a some health issues I need to address in 2019, but it looks more attainable than ever before!


I have been working on a SaaS on and off for the last 2 years. I did mockups, prototypes, and real apps. My biggest struggle has been to get useful feedbacks. I talked to a lot of people, done research, got feedbacks for each step. But the feedbacks were not really useful.

Along the way I lost focus of what I really wanted to achieve. I liked the product, I used it every day, and it replaced a lot of other tools. But the loss of focus made it just so hard to make it identifiable and easy to understand. There was nothing unique about it.

So I throw it away. I refocused, build 3 new prototypes, and selected one of them. I am currently finishing the core features and the beta should start in January.

What made a big difference was joining the MegaMaker community last summer. It's a great community and I was able to get a lot more insights than any other community I previously joined.

Those insights also pushed me to make consulting a proper part of my business again. I am currently writing an email course about customer success for SaaS and coaching a couple of companies. For 2019, I want to grow the course into a book and develop my coaching services.

Learning Japanese

I spent almost 3 years in Japan but never got time to learn much of the language. And after a year doing so, I understand why! Learning such a different language has been a huge challenge. I know a lot of vocabulary and grammar but I have a really difficult time with the word order.

Regularity is key. I started in October 2017 and 6 months later I thought I deserved a small break. But I had a very hard time getting back to it extending the break from 2 weeks to 3 months! Of course I had to learn a lot of things again.

My progression is now a lot faster and I should be able to read and listen to everything I want to by the end of 2019. I plan on doing extended trips in Japan regularly once my Japanese gets good enough.


Games: I played a lot of singleplayer games in 2018, after years not playing any. I just couldn't cope with the toxicity in multiplayer games anymore. I started with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and still think it's the best game I played this year. And I played a few other similar games.

Movies: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is my movie of the year. It's visually amazing, and everything else is great too! I loved Crazy Rich Asians. Lots of good superhero movies.

TV Shows: I used to watch a lot of shows and but I watched almost nothing nowadays. I can't really decide on 3 shows I want to list. I'll just say I wish there were more comedies like The Good Place.

Anime: The quality of anime is continually decreasing but sometimes there are gems. San-Gatsu No Lion is one of them. This year, there was an arc on bullying. It captured how it feels to be bullied perfectly. It's a painful but also heart warming anime. What I like the most.

Music: Something strange happened this year. I mostly listened to Rock in my life, and Hip Hop more recently. I switched almost completely to Pop this year, and K-Pop particularly. I wanted something that more positive and energetic.

Books: Oops!


I have long-term goals but for 2019, I just want to continue what I have started in 2018. There is going one addition. With my ability to exercise more I will finally be able to start to learn dancing. I hope it will become a successful endeavor.